We have secured a new home!

Hola buena gente!

We are excited to announce that Red Salmon Arts, casa de Resistencia Books has secured a NEW HOME in the Montopolis/Riverside neighborhood!

Finding a place that was both affordable and felt like a warm casita within a poc/working class neighborhood was important to us. A sterile office space just didn’t feel right and would stray us from our grassroots mission. Thanks to our board members and fellow community leaders, we found a place with IMMENSE POTENTIAL.

And it really does have great potential! We will need funds to make the entrance wheelchair accessible and for general beautification of areas that we hope to utilize for community events, ceremonias, y más!

Also, it’s definetly not as much as before, but we will still experience a slight increase in rent and we need support filling that gap until we can secure more grant funding.

So please continue SHARING and GIVING to our campaign. Esta casa es su casa!

Donate here: https://fundrazr.com/redsalmonarts