Still getting ready to open doors, Resistencia is extending fundraiser

Red Salmon Arts, Casa de Resistencia Books is extending its online fundraiser. Our first event at our new casita will be September 15th and we are very excited to invite the community for this celebration. We are anxious to have the space ready for this event but we understand this will be an ongoing process. Extending our fundraiser to the end of October will allow us to continue to update the space in ways we believe will benefit our community the most.

Thanks to $9000 in generous donations we have spent funds on…

  • Covering rent difference
  • Paying for movers
  • Building a storage unit
  • Paying handy man to unmount and transport mural

We need more funds to ensure our building is ADA compliant with improvements such as-

  • Leveling the front and back yard (for a safer and accessible event space)
  • Adding a ramp to the front door
  • Adding a ramp inside
  • Widening restroom to be wheelchair accessible

Other general needs include-

  • Small amount of compensation for staff assisting in transition
  • Remount mural and sign
  • New paint job

Thank you for staying invested in this community space and we hope you will consider donating. Muchas gracias!

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