Resistencia Bookstore @ allgo

Thank you allgo for the recognition!  Please check out their relaunched website.

Sister Organizations

Austin Immigrant Rights Coalition
The Austin Immigrant Rights Coalition (AIRC) promotes human rights and dignity, and social and economic justice for immigrants through community organizing, policy advocacy and public education.
Capitol View Arts
Capitol View Arts supports the arts community through arts education, collaborative opportunities, and the preservation of venues for performances and public use.
Fahari Arts Institute
The mission of Fahari Arts Institute is to celebrate, display and produce the works of GLBT artist from the African Diaspora.
Mamas of Color Rising
Mamas of Color Rising is a collective of working class and poor mothers of color based in and around Austin, TX. We are interested in organizing ourselves and other women/mamas of color around issues with accessing needs like food, housing, education and safety, finding out together what our larger ideal community looks like and building it together.
Resistencia Bookstore
Resistencia Bookstore, Casa de Red Salmon Arts, is a neighborhood center  for aspiring  writers, providing quality literature  to  Austin  communities since  1983. Specializing in Native, Chicana/o-Mexicana/o, Latina/o, African-American, feminist, and children’s bilingual literature, the bookstore also provides a meeting space for community organizations and hosts a variety of cultural and literary events.
Women’s Community Center of Central Texas
The mission of the Women’s Community Center of Central Texas is to promote the wellbeing of Texas women and girls and to build positive connections among people and organizations that do the same.