Purchase Your Salinas Symposium Commemorative T-Shirt

Salinas Symposium by RSA

Hola Buena Gente!

We need your support with our latest mini-fundraiser for x-mas/anti-x-mas, celebrating the recent gathering of artists, scholars, and activists in November for “50 Years of Partial Freedom: Celebrating the Life and Legacy of raúlrsalinas”

Our new Red Salmon Arts T-shirt, designed by Ernesto Hernandez and inspired by the photograph by Alan Pogue of raúl protesting in Vieques

Please buy one porque tu apoyo importa!: https://rawpaw.ink/products/salinas-symposium-by-rsa for a limited time until 1/3/2023

**Note: your t-shirt will be printed and sent/or available for pick up from Raw Paw directly so make sure to check the email you used when making your purchase. In addition, it will not be printed until about 10-15 business days after the preorder ends. Customers will receive a confirmation email with tracking once the order is packed up.**