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Hola Buena Gente!

We need your support with our latest project. After many times suggested, we finally have a Red Salmon Arts/Resistencia Books t-shirt, which is just our logo (original updated by Iris Rodriguez).

PLEASE SUPPORT US! We need to sell at least 25 t-shirts to raise $300 by the deadline of 7 march 2021. you can place your order here: https://rawpaw.ink/products/rsa-shirts-by-danielle-licea

Consider it a donation in memory of raúlrsalinas (whose death aniversario was yesterday, 2/13/2008) OR valentine’s gift for your love bucket or anti-valentine’s gift in support of a very small, grassroots Chicana/o/x Latina/o/x Indigenous cultural arts organization, which can truly and desperately use your apoyo.