Living Brown, Living Well: Chicanx Wellness

7:00 PM Sunday, 7 October 2018

Hosted by Institute of Chicana/o Psychology

This workshop plática will focus on the strengths and healing ways present in the Chicanx community that can contribute to our health as individuals and as a community. Lessons from Chicanx Psychology can help DECOLONIZE the idea of “wellness” that often seems to belong to “other” groups of people. We will draw from knowledge of our ancestral past as well as our current wisdom. Recognizing our cultural strengths combats the negative stereotypes about Chicanxs that often portray our culture as being unhealthy. We are not unhealthy because of our culture. The unwellness that lives in our community comes from years of marginalization, exclusion, and oppression. Our culture is ancient and powerful. We can Live Brown and Live Well! Join us on Oct 7th and we’ll talk about Chicanx Wellness and what that looks like in our lives today! Chicanx Psychology is about community liberation and healing. #LivingBrown #ChicanxWellness #Raza#mentalhealth #xicanpsych #BrownItUp
Fee: $20
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