Las Curanderas THREE, Austin Texas


Saturday, 9:00 AM-3:00 PM

Las Curanderas THREE, Austin Texas

Healers need healing too!This is an informal meeting of WOMEN and MEN who are healers or wanting to be a healers aka CURANDERA/OS. Maybe you are a sobador/a or herbalist? Maybe you sing? Maybe you have a radio show? Maybe you are nurse?Healing in our communities looks different today.

THIS WILL BE THE FIRST LAS CURANDERAS MEETING IN AUSTIN!!! But this is the THIRD meeting in a series to promote healing for ourselves, to share information and to see what and who is available.This is a women led program but men who are healers are welcomed.

This next meeting will look a little different. I want us to have some time to form REFRESH Groups in between some
hands- on workshops. This is so we can be clear and focused for speaking and stay relaxed. We want everybody to be heard because everyone has got something important to say.

We will bring our information about what we do to our community and to see who we are. Bring your flyers, business cards, posters. Everyone who wants to talk about your work or if you have questions will be heard!

I suspect there is a lot of healers in Austin and San Antonio areas and we need to meet each other for a lot of good reasons. There are way too many of us and our peoples that need healing and they need to find us!

I am a strong believer that it should NOT cost us a lot to heal ourselves and to educate ourselves better.



PLEASE BRING: Paper, pens cameras etc
PLEASE BRING:This will be held indoors.
Space is limited and there are a few tables and chairs or bring zarape/rug for the floor.
BRING your flyers, tinctures,music, etc
PLEASE BRING: Bring food and drink to share. I will bring coffee, tea ,paper plates, ice and cups… eating utensils

PLEASE do a LOVE DONATION $1- $100 at the door. With your donation, we help pay for utilities use of the space and help their work.
All money goes to pay for the space.

We will start ON TIME

For more information and space available contact Ari
( 210) 885-6093
or [email protected]
or check out my website:

You can also call Jessica Zamarippa
(512) 897-0971 or email at [email protected]om