Labor and Youth Festival at Resistencia/Red Salmon Arts

10:00-12:00 PM, 27 August 2022

PLEASE come to this and bring children of any age in your life. In person in Austin. (It’s also for adults as long as you’re not a grouch and maybe if you are). It’s been a rough two weeks in my life so please forgive the late notice and help me out so I’m not left with egg on my face (perhaps literally).

I have become more and more involved with the question of whether working class parents and grandparents — and we filmmakers who happen to be both — tell the stories of struggle to children. So we have made two short films about Texas labor history for young people and anyone else interested in this question.

The first is “Emma Tenayuca and the 1938 San Antonio Pecan Shellers Strike.” It’s about 12 minutes long and works for 8 year olds on up.

The second is “Annie Mae Carpenter and the Uprising in Nacogdoches.” It’s about 14 minutes long and works better for 12 and up. 

The place is wonderful — Resistencia Book Store/Red Salmon Arts. There will be plenty of time for discussion. And you can bring any social action stuff you care about. And there will be plenty of food. And anything else that suits you. Just PLEASE show up and make this happen. (It’s all free!)

This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.