Historias: Police violence in Central Texas via People United

This episode of KOOP Radio’s People United presents two conversations about police brutality in Central Texas that originally aired in 2005, following the public uproar over the killing of eighteen year-old Daniel Rocha by Austin police officer Julie Schroeder.  The conversation with social-movement historian Alan Gómez, civil-liberties advocate Debbie Russell, the late poet raúlrsalinas, organizer Rene Valdez, and an anonymous Taser victim from Williamson County was originally broadcast live from the radio station on July 26, 2005.  A subsequent conversation with Gómez, ‘salinas, and Valdez was originally broadcast on December 13, 2005. via People United 2020-07-31

Listen to the episode here. For raúlrsalinas cue to 28:05 and later to 47:29