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Chicano Literature: Origins and Genres

Linda Fregoso examines the history of Chicano literature in the United States with literary historians, artists and writers. The first of a two-part series, this show focuses on the debate about the origins of Chicano literature, the themes in 19th century Mexican American writers, the cronicas diabolicas and cronicas festivas genre developed by Mexican exiles in San Francisco, as well as the first self-styled Chicano writers and their works. Literary critic Juan Rodriguez emphasizes the references to North American racial politics, the thick description of local American Spanish and the ever-presence of Social Protest themes across these different historical periods. Alurista re-tells why he helped coin the term Aztlan in Santa Barbara and decries the literal readings of the term as territorial designation. Poets Ricardo Sanchez, Raul Salinas, and Jose Montoya provide readings of their pinto poetry.


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