Help Red Salmon Arts Make it to Montreal @ YOUCARING


The Story

The Red Salmon Arts (RSA) Collective will be attending the 2016 NATIONAL WOMEN’S STUDIES ASSOCIATION ANNUAL CONFERENCE (NWSA) in Montréal, Québec, Canada on November 9 -13, 2016.

We are honored to be presenting a roundtable discussion which explores Xicana collective mentorship as a project of decoloniality where members seek to reframe, undue, and liberate themselves from the strictures of macro- and micro- aggressions, violence, and erasure that are perpetuated under racial capitalism and heteropatriarchy.

We have received a loan to cover the participants who will be attending—Sarah Rafael García, Andrea Zarate, Michelle Mejía, and Lilia Rosas. But, we need to pay back the loan and raise $3300 to cover airfare, lodging, and registration. We ARE NOT receiving academic support nor other sponsorship so any little bit counts and would truly appreciate el apoyo de ustedes, nuestra comunidad to keep this grassroots and homegrown.