Guerrilla Media @ Convivial Research and Insurgent Learning (CRIL)

The results of insurgent learning and convivial research need not be limited to the production, circulation, and interpretation of a single, formal text such as theses, dissertations, journal articles, and op-eds. A successful convivial community based research project can result in a strategic open, reflexive system(s) of information that can convey, solicit, and generate a variety of additional knowledges and political engagements. More importantly, in any given moment of struggle there are already established systems of information. In many instances, these “systems” such as tertulias, murals, pirate radio, graffiti, and wheat pasting, for example, are taken for granted or not treated as serious practices and systems. These systems often compete, contest, and, in some cases, go beyond hegemonic or dominant systems. It is our goal to acknowledge insurgent projects and spaces while at the same moment promote additional alternative, reflexive, open systems.