Mark your calendars, Giving Tuesday is just around the corner!

November 28, 2023.

Schedule your donation here https://www.resistenciabooks.com/donate

📚Want to know how your contribution will make a difference?

📚 Your donation will assist us in getting ahead with the rent. This in-turn will allow various community groups and members to use our space for free.

📚 You will help us support our small but diligent staff as well as allow us to hire more staff.

📚 You will contribute in continuing to sustain historically minoritized and underpaid artists, writers, filmmakers, and innovators, who privilege a Native American/Chicana/o/x/Latina/o/x experience as well as the broader BIPOC community of cultural leaders, makers, and visionaries.

📚 Your contribution will help us recognize over four decades of homegrown, rasquache, community-based organization dedicated to cultural arts from a Native American/Chicana/o/x/Latina/o/x perspective in Central Texas!