Give OUT: RSA 2024

Give Out: RSA 2023

Red Salmon Arts is a 501(c)3 grassroots cultural arts organization, with a forty-year history of working with the indigenous neighborhoods of Austin, Texas. RSA is dedicated to the development of emerging writers and the promotion Chicana/o/x/Latina/o/x/Native American literature, providing outlets and mechanisms for cultural exchange, and sharing in the retrieval of a people’s cultural heritage with a commitment to social justice. 

Red Salmon Arts offers resources to Chicana/o/x/Latina/o/x/ and Native American communities living in working class neighborhoods of Austin to better understand the culture and arts of their families and ancestors and has always stridently supported 2SLGBT+ narratives  and stories as part  and parcel of  our experience. The founder of Red Salmon Arts, raúlrsalinas, was a world-renowned poet who developed his artistic technique through a life of hardship and experience, including time served in prison for non-violent crimes. His readings were dramatic and effective, helping young people who heard him understand the life circumstances of so many Mexican Americans in those days, and how poverty and racism still create challenges for Latina/o/xs.

Over the decades, Red Salmon Arts has hosted, featured, and celebrated Queer BIPOC artists, writers, filmmakers, musicians, authors,  and cultural workers such as ire’ne lara silva, jo reyes-boitel, Kimberly Alidio, Ebony Stewart, Gris Muñoz, Jackie Cuevas, Lorenzo Herrera y Lozano, Sandra Soto, Virginia Grise, Ana Castillo,  Joanna Beltrán Girón, Cindy Elizabeth, Ariana Brown, mónica teresa ortiz, Rios de la Luz, Joe Jimenez, Muerta-Paz, Morgan Collado, Dan Vera, Morgan Collado, Raúl Coronado, kt shorb, Daniel Heath Justice, Adelina Anthony, Dino Foxx, Alma López, Alexis De Veaux, and Lourdes Pérez to name but a few.

Support RSA for Give Out Day, MAY 2024!