¡Cine Resistencia! Featuring Femenina with Filmmaker Ilana Garcia-Mittleman

4:00 PM, 14 November 2020

 ¡Cine Resistencia!  Featuring Femenina with Filmmaker Ilana Garcia-Mittleman

Sponsored by Red Salmon Arts

Transgender narrative subverts the boxing film genre and challenges traditional ideas of masculinity.

Envisioning a brighter future for the trans community in which trans folk can be loved and valued for who they are and not what they are, Femenina is filmmaker Ilana G. Mittleman’s love letter to trans women. The film follows Nick, a boxer who lives his life in the ring, and Nina, the newest member to join the boxing gym. As they forge a relationship Nick’s perception of his own sexuality is called into question after realizing that Nina is transgender.

Femenina has screened in the Austin Film Festival, the San Francisco Transgender Film Festival, the Seattle, Translations Film Festival, the Cannes Short Film Festival, and was scheduled to screen in the UT SXSW Community Showcase (canceled due to COVID-19). Femenina also made its LA debut at the OutFest Los Angeles LGBTQ Film Festival this August as part of the LATINXCELLENCE showcase.

Ilana Garcia-Mittleman is a transgender writer, director and actress who recently graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a BS in Radio, Television, and Film. During her time at UT she wrote and directed four short films focusing on trans narratives, asserting that film as an instrument of social progress can be used to normalize transgender individuals and ultimately influence their material conditions. She was featured in GLAAD’s 2019 article, “ Trans stories and creators to watch in 2019 .”

FMI: https://femeninafilm.wixsite.com/femenina

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After viewing the film, we have a Q&A with filmmaker, Ilana.

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