¡Cine Resistencia! Featuring Documentary Shorts by Anne Lewis

4:00 PM, 12 December 2020

 ¡Cine Resistencia!  Featuring Documentary Shorts by Anne Lewis

Emma Tenayuca and the 1938 San Antonio Pecan Shellers Strike (TRT 12:13) is designed for 6 year olds on up. It was made en communidad with performer, cultural worker, and educator Keli Rosa Cabunoc Romera and three elementary and middle school young people. In 1938, more than 10,000 pecan shellers walked out over a cut in their wages. They were mainly women and children. This was the first massive collective action by Latinx workers in the country. The film includes an original song, a visit to Emma Tenayuca’s grave, archival material, oral history, and conversation.

Annie Mae Carpenter and the Uprising in Nacogdoches (TRT 14:32)
tells the story of Annie Mae Carpenter, Secretary of the Nacogdoches chapter of the NAACP. In 1973, she refused to clean the male student bathrooms at Stephen F. Austin State University and was fired. The race and gender discrimination suit, Anne Mae Carpenter et al v. Stephen F. Austin State University, went on for more than 10 years. In 1983, a Texas State Employees Union organizing drive began including a 1987 Jobs with Justice march of 3,000 through the streets of Nacogdoches on to campus. Workers won back pay and the right to a union. Designed for high school students, the documentary includes excerpts from oral history interviews, archival material, original drawings, and conversation with Amber Pleasant, Austin educator, and three high school young people.

FMI: https://www.strikeandanuprising.org/cine-resistencia/

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Panel discussion to follow with moderator Lilia Rosas, Anne Lewis, Laura Varela (Producer, Emma) Amber Pleasant, (Educator Annie Mae).

Sponsored by: Red Salmon Arts, Xica Media, VoxFem Xicanindia

Red Salmon Arts is a 501(c)3 grassroots cultural arts organization, with a thirty-year history of working with the indigenous neighborhoods of Austin. RSA is dedicated to the development of emerging writers and the promotion of Chican@/Latin@/Native American literature, providing outlets and mechanisms for cultural exchange, and sharing in the retrieval of a people’s cultural heritage with a commitment to social justice.

Cine Resistencia: A Summer Film Series showcasing the work of nascent and veteran filmmakers, media makers, producers, and directors that highlights Chicana/o/x//Latina/o/x/Native American-centered documentaries, shorts, features, and works-in-progress.
Resistencia Books, Casa de Red Salmon Arts, is a neighborhood center for aspiring writers, providing quality literature to Austin communities since 1983. Specializing in indigenous, Native American, Chicana/o/x, Mexicana/o/x/, Latinx/@, African American, queer, feminist, and children’s bilingual literature.

This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.