7 Reasons Why Your Support of RSA to NWSA Matters


  1. The theme of the National Women’s Studies Association (NWSA) conference is “Decoloniality.“ So, we are thrilled and excited to attend and participate.

  2. As mentioned, we will be presenting on the creation and process of our Xicana collective mentorship that draws inspiration from Michele Serros and Chela Sandoval and emerged from our collective. So, it would be awesome to be in conversation and organization with the folks at the conference.

  3. We will have an opportunity to meet and talk with scholars, activists, artists, artivists, writers, community organizers in a local and international context, which will allow us to enrich and expand the work of Red Salmon Arts, and hopefully, facilitate bringing these folks and conversations to Austin, Tejaztlán.

  4. As a collective, this is our second international conference, which is an honor. But, we are not on a professional path nor have access to traditional educational institutional resources that would normally fund us.

  5. We are not receiving university support or other sponsorship. We understand that there are many other worthy causes that deserve financial support. But, we are asking for grassroots support because we figure that if 350 people donate $10 we will meet our goal.

  6. Your donation is tax-deductible and perfectly secure. Any surplus of funds will be used to maintain the extensive programing of Red Salmon Arts. But, we will be completely transparent about reaching our goals.

  7. You will be publicly acknowledged for your donation and we will be very grateful and appreciative of your support.

Donate via PayPal @ [email protected] or Send a check to Red Salmon Arts