Guerrilla Media @ Convivial Research and Insurgent Learning (CRIL)

Convivial Research and Insurgent Learning (CRIL):  Guerrilla Media The results of insurgent learning and convivial research need not be limited to the production, circulation, and interpretation of a single, formal text such as theses, dissertations, journal articles, and op-eds. A successful convivial community based research project can result in a strategic open, reflexive system(s) of […]

Revised: Calendar of Event June-July 2015: Part Two

  7:00 PM Friday, 26 June 2015 Café Libro Open-Mike Presents María Dolores Minor It’s that time again! Come pass the time with us, read a poem, tell a story. Listen to the lovely words of Maria Dolores Minor and have a cup of coffee. For directions of questions, reach out to Olivia Slusher or […]

Historias: The First Rain by John Ross

The First Rain, by John Ross varelafilm Uploaded on Jan 19, 2011 John Ross, author, poet, journalist, and activist reads at Resistencia Bookstore in Austin, TX in April 2007. This footage was recorded during a Round Robin poetry session with raul salinas, founder of Resistencia and Red Salmon Arts, and Roberto Vargas. John Ross discusses […]