Renewal, Resistance, Resurgence in Red Salmon Arts 2017

As most folx get ready to AMPLIFY in Austin, consider making a pre-springtime contribution to Red Salmon Arts (RSA) to promote our mission of Renewal, Resistance, Resurgence in 2017. Your support will honor our survivance and sustainability! The monies we raise benefit our new and long-standing programming such as Café Libro, Cine Resistencia, Save Our […]

Chicanx Psychology: Chicanismo, Pride, & Identity!

 1 PM – 4 PM, 11 FEB 2017 Chicanx Psychology: Chicanismo, Pride, & Identity! Chicanx psychology research has shown the importance of a strong ethnic identtiy for Chicanxs. In this workshop platica we will discuss how we learn about our ethnic identity; how we can promote and facilitate pride in our heritage and background; and […]