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Red Salmon Arts

Resistencia Bookstore
1801-A South First St.
Austin, TX 78704
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Dedicated to the development of emerging writers and the promotion of Chicana(o) / Latina(o) literature, providing outlets and mechanisms for cultural exchange.
Housed in Resistencia Bookstore, Red Salmon Arts is a Native American/Chicano based cultural arts organization with a history of working within indigenous communities of Austin since 1983.

Red Salmon Arts sponsors literary projects like Save Our Youth (SOY), one of the first in Austin to work with youth correctional facilities. By emphasizing cultural knowledge and pride, SOY seeks to empower "hard to reach" young people and redirects their negative activities into positive and reactive outlets through participation in workshops focusing on culture, arts, and literacy. SOY workshop facilitators conduct extensive creative writing clinics in national/local schools and juvenile justice facilities. These workshops help participants build self-esteem and develop verbal/written communication and conflict resolution.

Currently, Red Salmon boasts the longest running literary venue in the city of Austin. Continuing the 18 year tradition of open-mike series such as the Eastside/Southside Poetic Action and Canto Libre, Cafe Libro provides a forum for emerging and established proponents of spoken word. These readings feature talented writers ranging in ages from 9 to 80. Cafe Libro offers local writers/artists an opportunity to build self-confidence and performance skills by presenting their work to the communities of Austin.

Red Salmon Press

An editorial collective founded in 1983, Red Salmon Press is dedicated to the retrieval of a people's literary heritage and the development of emerging young writers/readers. It publishes and distributes community newsletters, neighborhood newspapers, and informational leaflets such as Crazy Horse Spirit for the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee and Native Voice for the Leonard Peltier Support Group. Red Salmon Press has published for SOY "chapbooks," and several literary collections including From the Heart by Linda Reyes, East of the Freeway by raulrsalinas, and Nile & Other Poems by Teresa Palomo Acosta. Most recently, Red Salmon along with San Diego based Calaca Press produced a CD of Salinas' poetic work entitled Los Many Mundos of raulrsalinas.
Red Salmon Arts is a a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
The Reading of Colors

This past summer Red Salmon Arts sponsored a special read-in for The Story of Colors by elder poets Lydia Armendariz and Bobby Byrd from Cinco Puntos Press in El Paso. "As citizens of the United States, our apathy, over-consumption and lack of moral political conviction has created situations all over the world similar to the one in Chiapas. This beautiful book reminds us that the Zapatista movement is one of dignity that emanates from the grassroots of the indigenous people of Mexico. It is a lesson for all of us in the human spirit."
-Amy Ray of Indigo Girls

The Story of Colors/
La Historia de los Colores
By Subcomandante Marcos
Illustrated by Domitila Dominguez

Increase da Peace

SOY workshop participants have also completed a series of murals that celebrate cultural history and self-expression. "Stop da' Violence, Increase the Peace" is a portable mural designed and painted by students from O'Henry Middle School. Since 1996 this mural has been shown in a number of locations including O'Henry Middle School, the Austin Youth Riverwatch Program, and the Victory Grill. "Let's Communicate" is a portable mural used to initiate positive dialogue. The "Circle of Unity" mural, painted on the parking lot, depicts a medicine wheel with a variety of cultural/historical figures and iconography.

Teresa Palomo Acosta

Red Salmon Press is proud to announce the publishing of Nile & Other Poems by Teresa Palomo Acosta. This extensive collection of poetry marks our third publishing project. Stay tuned for more! Teresa Palomo Acosta was born and raised in McGregor, Texas. She has a bachelor's degree in Ethnic Studies from the University of Texas-Austin and a master's degree in journalism from Columbia University. She has taught composition and ethnic studies at St. Edward's University and the University of Texas. She is the author of two small volumes of poetry, Passing Time 1984 and Nile Notebooks 1994.

Nile & Other Poems by Teresa Palomo Acosta